my angel
I started this year (2018) kinda badly but little did i know that i'd literally meet someone who not only is an angel on earth, but quickly became one of the most important people in my life. tash you've literally lighted my life when it was so dark and bad for me. even when we were just mutuals, you were always so sweet and genuine to me, & i quickly wanted to be friends with you.
when we started to interact more and you agreed to exchange discords it made me so excited and happy. it was an act that made me nervous, but i never regret doing it.
whenever i was feeling horrible, you were there with your kindness and warmth, and your ridiculous sense of humour that never failed to bring my spirits back up. i haven't been able to joke and unapologetically be me (without feeling like i had to step around eggshells) in so long. i literally feel so comfortable around you, and it's because of you that im able to joke and make stupid rxn imgs and etc again. i can't describe how much you mean to me in words so thats why im constantly like crytyping and screaming my love for you skjdhj
we've helped each other through so many things, and im looking towards our friendship in the coming years, and continously helping each other and being there for each other and being each others support systems.
sorry if this so long and repetitive asnkdhj i just love you so much and you have a very special place in my heart thank you for being my honeybee angel
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